Jo-Alice PELLON    

Born in Paris in 1938
Early childhood in Paris then adolescence in Saint-Denis in the shadow of the basilica. This medieval atmosphere will strongly inspire his first works.
As early as 1954, after studying ceramics and drawing, he attended various famous Parisian workshops such as the Grande Chaumière and André Lhote´s studio.
In 1959, he joined the Saint-Denis section of the Union des Arts Plastiques (UAP), whose members include Picasso, César, Kischka and Pressmane from the Paris School. She will be invited to participate in the fiftieth anniversary exhibition of the creation of the UAP in 2005.

"Jo-Alice Pellon, one of the first female painters of the younger generation. She paints drama by color. His shipment is part of small lots of paintings that we do not forget. " André Weber. Biennial of Paris 1963.

"Pellon paints beautifully and his works combine precision, observation, dream, fantasy, quality of color, care of execution and respect for the profession. We assure her that she will rank among the best painters in France."
Mr. Gachelin, Saint-Denis, 1964.

"With works high as windows that would open again, Jo-Alice Pellon reappears in public.
Its admirable glazes are eloquent. She never stopped painting despite her silence. His wife in blue left the world of theater and decoration. His emaciated face and elongated hands are serious; serious as the painting of the artist who in turn worries and takes care of hope. Dolls with dislocated female bodies, little girls running wild or playing the violin, beautifully tiled and almost deserted rooms ... the mystery reigns. But the painter is there who takes care not to say too much to give everyone the choice of a world, childish scary or wonderful for example. She masters her technique and her imagination to watch for the slightest diffuse glow, discreetly introducing the image of a presence or that of a reflection into a desolate space. Nothing is vague or abstract but everything is often so distant, so inaccessible as through bars!
The pictorial world of Jo-Alice Pellon is as loud as it is ambiguous. He repels and fascinates at the same time as the Pig, this animal which it currently likes to make the fabulous strangeness by surprising effects of chiaroscuro."
Pascale Thuillant, 1985
From 1962, exhibits regularly in major Parisian salons.
In 1963, he was part of the French selection at the Biennale Internationale de Paris, in the company of Christo, Niki de Saint Phalle, Paul Ambille and Marek Halter.
From 1962 to 1965, permanent exhibitor at the Madsen Gallery, rue Saint-Honore, Paris with Campagnola, Dufy, Friesz, Gall, Laurencin, Renoir, Rouault, Vlaminck.
1985, retrospective "Un Certain Parcours", gallery of Sèvres, Paris.
From 1985, devoted himself professionally to graphics and sets aside exhibitions while continuing his pictorial work.
Since 2007, she has been part of the organizing office of the Pont-sur-l´Art International Biennale, of which she is currently Vice-President and Artistic Advisor. She resides most of the year in Normandy.

acquisitions :
Museum of Saint Denis
American, Belgian and French collectors.